Feature your product or service on this site and engage with a growing audience of students and professionals who are interested in spectroscopy, chemometrics and data science.

Examples of content that is suitable for Nirpy Research:

  • New technology in optical or IR spectroscopy, hyperspectral imaging, and spectral data acquisition and processing.
  • University courses and degrees that are relevant to our audience.
  • Conferences, meetings and other events.
  • Relevant jobs ads.

Want something more? Consider sponsoring a post or a newsletter

Sponsoring a post is a great way to promote your products or services while engaging the readers in a meaningful way. In addition to promotional material, sponsored posts can feature your technical material too! For instance data collected with your newest spectrometer can be used as a basis for a chemometrics post.

Oh, and we have a regular newsletter going out to hundreds of subscribers.

Broad guidelines

We would like to maintain a pleasing reading experience for the visitors of our blog. For this reason, promotional material is only accepted in the form of static images and banner. No GIFs or video material.

Sponsored material can be placed in

  • Home page header
  • Home page side panel
  • Post side panel
  • Below post title (sponsored posts only)
  • Below post content


For all enquiries, please reach us at hello@nirpyresearch.com.